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Kelley's Tree Service, Inc. - Central Florida Tree Care Service
Kelley's Tree Service, Inc. - Central Florida Tree Care Service
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Kelley's Tree Service, Inc. - Central Florida Tree Care Service


There are several types of pruning and trimming known and used in our industry in accordance to the ANSI A300 standards. These are standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute. Our company abides and adheres to these standards.

These include Artistic Tree Pruning and Trimming:
Cleaning - the removal of dead and/or diseased branches.
Thinning - the reduction of density of live branches.
Raise - with this type of trimming, we provide verticle clearance.
Crown Reduction - a method used where the pruning applies to the whole canopy or individual limbs.

We also offer specialty pruning including Vista and Restoration. Vista pruning allows for a clean, more unobstructed view of an area such as a lake or river. Restoration pruning is intended to improve the structure of a tree that has been severly headed, vandalized or damaged.


This is a specialized area of service we offer our clients. Our company provides qualified professionals to perform these delicate procedures.

We utilize state of the art machinery from our cranes, right on down to our smaller equipment. We are ready to complete these jobs in a safe manner.

With our removals we will remove all debris and wood sections or leave wood sections for firewood if preferred.


With our cabling and bracing we are able to add additional support to trees that are structurally weak, or have injuries to themselves. The types of injuries seen are crotch or branch failure. With this service it is possible you can get added support and protection for your trees against storm damage.


We are able to grind down stumps so that sod may be replaced, or new trees planted. We will gladly remove the chips from the grinding if so desired, or the chips can be left in place to fill the hole from the grinding. We can provide top soil if needed, and regrade, and also replace sod.


Lightening rods are used to help protect your valuable assets. They do not attract or repel lightening, but rather provide a safe path to ground for the flash.

Central Florida is the lightening hot spot of the United States. According to FMA Research, Inc., each square mile of Central Florida is struck by lightening approximately ten times in a typical year.

We can help protect historic and valuable assets in your landscape with Lightening Protection. Please call for a complimentary consultation.


We provide a comprehensive and complete inspection of your trees by our qualified arborists. Our state of the art equipment gives us the ability to assess, diagnose, and offer treatment options to best preserve the vitality of your property.

With Healthy Trees in your yard, Happy Memories are made in the Shade.

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"With Healthy Trees in your Yard, Happy Memories are made in the Shade."
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